Sunday, March 29, 2009

Juan Roman Riquelme...(The Greatest Fottballer)


Name: Juan Román Riquelme

Nationality: Argentinian

Date and Place of Birth: Born June 24, 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Playing Position: Attacking midfielder

Current Club: Boca Juniors (Argentina)

Club Career: 
1996-2002 Boca Juniors
2002-2003 FC Barcelona
2003-2007Villarreal CF
2007 - present Boca Juniors

International Career: 1997-present Argentina

         JUAN ROMAN RIQUELME 4 me is the greatest playmaker and footballer in the fields and he is the keyplayer of the success for his team.He had decided to retired from the international football but the Argentinian coach still need him because he is the gold for the Argentina national team.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Favourite Futsal Player



Alessandro Rosa Vieira, known as Falcão, (born in São Paulo, June 8, 1977) is a Brazilian football and futsal player.

He started his football career with Corinthians in 1992. His great ability earned him a place in the Brazilian national futsal team.

In 2004 and 2008 FIFA Futsal World Cup Falcão was recognised by FIFA as the world's Best Futsal Player.

After a brief spell in Libertadores Cup 2005 with São Paulo Futebol Clube, Falcão returned to Futsal and nowadays he represents Malwee/Jaraguá, a team from Jaraguá do Sul that won the Liga Futsal (Brazilian futsal championship) in 2005.

In 2008 he helped the Brazilian national futsal team win the FIFA Futsal World Cup for the 4th time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My LoveLy FOotBalL ClUb


Arsenal is the football club that I love so much 4 da rest of my life.

This club have very incredible tactics and gameplay..I never miss da match of this club every week.Arsenal have a lot of talented player which most of all are teenagers with age around 16 to 20 years old.

They have been trained by very experiences coach in the world,Arsene Wenger.The Frenchman have been coaching this club since season 1996-1997.He also the most successful coach in Arsenal’s history.He gave all the experience and teach all the tactics of playing football to all his player and this make them successful in the world.The keyplayer and stars of this club are Francesc Fabregas,Andrei Arshavin,Samir Nasri,and Robin Van Persie.For more detail about this club,you can surf it website which is

My BesT HObBy


  Futsal is an indoor version of association football. Its name is derived from the Portuguese futebol de salão and the Spanish fútbol sala/de salón, which can be translated as 'indoor football'. In Madrid 1985 the name fútbol de salón and all other names the game was called were changed officially and internationally into FUTSAL. 

  Futsal is played between two teams of five players, one of whom is the goalkeeper, and up to seven substitutes per team. Unlike some other forms of indoor football, the game is played on a hard court surface delimited by lines; walls or boards are not used. Futsal is also played with a smaller ball with less bounce than a regulation football.The rules create an emphasis on improvisation, creativity and technique as well as ball control and passing in small spaces. 


The origin of Futsal can be traced back to Montevideo, Uruguay where in 1930 Juan Carlos Ceriani devised a five-a–side ball kicking game with adjusted size goals for youth competition in YMCAs. The game is played on handball-sized courts (40 x 20 meters), both indoors and outdoors, without the use of sidewalls.  
FIFA soon began to administer its own indoor football games, creating its own version of the rules and hosting its first FIFA Indoor Soccer World Championship in 1989 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in 1992 it was the FIFA Five-a-Side World Championship (Hong Kong) and since 1996 it has been called the FIFA Futsal World Championship (Guatemala). One of the most remarkable changes was the reduction of the ball weight and increase in ball size (from a handball size to a football size 4), which enabled faster play and, for the first time, scoring goals with the head (though this is still difficult and uncommon).  
Some professional players start out with futsal to build fundamental skills. Brazilian players Ronaldinho, Robinho, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Marcelo, Juninho and many more started out playing futsal. In Brazil, the majority of children start out with Futsal rather than association football since it requires less space and many schools in the country do not have a field to play traditional association football. There are also some notable players like Falcão who continue to play futsal at the club level. 

As of February 9, 2009 the top 10 teams are:

No             Team               Points
1                 Brazil                  2445
2                 Spain                  2432
3                 Italy                    2316
4                Portugal               2 292
5                  Iran                    2278
6               Russia                     2276
7                Argentina              2218
8                 Ukraine                2188
9                Paraguay              2174
10              Czech Republic      2096

Touchscreens emerged from academic and corporate research labs in the second half of the 1960s. One of the first places where they gained some visibility was in the terminal of a computer-assisted learning terminal that came out in 1972 as part of the PLATO project. They have subsequently become familiar in kiosk systems, such as in retail and tourist settings, on point of sale systems, on ATMs and on PDAs where a stylus is sometimes used to manipulate the GUI and to enter data. The popularity of smart phones, PDAs, portable game consoles and many types of information appliances is driving the demand for, and the acceptance of, touchscreens.

The HP-150 from 1983 was probably the world's earliest commercial touchscreen computer. It doesn't actually have a touchscreen in the strict sense, but a 9" Sony CRT surrounded by infrared transmitters and receivers which detect the position of any non-transparent object on the screen.

Touchscreens are popular in heavy industry and in other situations, such as museum displays or room automation, where keyboard and mouse systems do not allow a satisfactory, intuitive, rapid, or accurate interaction by the user with the display's content. 

Historically, the touchscreen sensor and its accompanying controller-based firmware have been made available by a wide array of after-market system integrators and not by display, chip or motherboard manufacturers. With time, however, display manufacturers and System On Chip (SOC) manufacturers worldwide have acknowledged the trend toward acceptance of touchscreens as a highly desirable user interface component and have begun to integrate touchscreen functionality into the fundamental design of their products. In the portable consumer electronics space, the touchscreen has evolved from the Electronic Organizer to the Apple iPhone, Samsung Eternity, LG Vu, and Blackberry Storm.